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Becoming a Pastor Can Reap Many Rewards - Jay Depoy

Many people with a love of God and the church are seeking out baptist pastor jobs, and many questions go through their mind as they embark on this journey. Wondering how a person becomes a pastor, or how they know that they are ready to seek a job once they've gone through the proper schooling. This article will help breakdown many of those questions for you - Jay Depoy.
How to Become a Pastor?
The first thing you need to do if you've decided to become a pastor is to make certain your heart is in the right place with God. You must be able to lead by example, and to lead others to serve with Christ. Your faith must be solid. With that being stated, there are two questions you can ask yourself: "do you love God," and, "do you love people"?. Because you must be 100% certain those answers are "yes" before you embark on your wonderful journey. Jesus said you must love God and you must love your neighbor. Before you decide to seek our your education, beco…

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